MP Magic Classic Socks

The best Antibacterial Summer Socks


Three-Metal Infused

The key to the effectiveness of MP Magic Socks is their unique composition. This yarn is infused with three metals: Silver, Copper, and Zinc. Multiple metals kill more types of bacteria, making these socks highly antibacterial. This metal infusion technique was developed for the aerospace industry, and we have repurposed it for everyday use.

Antibacterial & Odorless

When dealing with odor control, we are superbly proud of our fabrics and technology. We are the world's best! Silver is known as a great antibacterial metal, while copper can kill bacteria and is a key component of many enzymes, and zinc can reduce the bacteria that contribute to the odor! We use this special technique to infuse all the three metals within the fabrics so that they will never wash away.


Only the Finest Materials

Our team is picky. We are always exploring the best material and high-end technology in the world. Our socks are extremely comfortable like walking on the clouds.

Italian Knitting Machine

The fully-automated seamless fabrication and high-density knitting machine from Italy make MP Classic Socks unbelievably smooth and soft.


MP Magic Socks has passed standards in the fields of deodorization, antibacterial and comfort level. You can stay comforted that the antibacterial properties will last even through many cycles of washing.

Antibacterial rate remains 97% after 50 cycles of washing.

Medias Reviews

Customers Reviews


My dads favorite socks. My dad is diabetic and has orthotics to wear and these are the socks he likes best. Worth the few extra dollars. Last longer than the usual fruity brand. ; ). They breath as well. If looking for good socks give these a try.

lamar Cooper

I wanted to take my time before I wrote this review. I’ve had a problem with sweaty feet for ever... and I had tried everything from sprays to powders and “breathing” shoes. I was getting desperate... One day I saw this product and decided to give it a try, couldn’t hurt right? It’s been a good 3 months or more now and the results are conclusive. They WORK! No matter the shoe or the weather or how much I try to keep my shoes ventilated when I don’t wear them. I would recommend this product, 5 stars.

Jennifer Smith

The fabric was thinner than I expected, but not like 'cheap' thin, more like 'summer socks' type thin (I was expecting something that might keep my feet warm this winter, but that was more like a bonus I was hoping for, not a requirement). They seem like they are good quality so far, but I will update if I have any problems :)


These are the only socks that I will wear on my job. As a truck driver who unloads a tractor trailer full of groceries each night, I'm on my feet a lot. These socks fit great and allow my feet to breathe. You can imagine how much they sweat with the strenuous work that I do!!! They hold up and work just as good! Will be buying more as needed. Great product at a great price!!!


MP Magic Classic Crew Antibacterial Socks-(6 pairs)


MP Magic Classic Ankle Antibacterial Socks-(6 pairs)