MP Magic Classic Socks

Second Skin of your Feet

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200,000+ Pairs were Sold and Shipped to 130+ Countries all over the World

MP Magic Socks are proven by time and countless users 




Only the Finest Materials

Our team is picky. We are always exploring the best material and high-end technology in the world. Our socks are extremely comfortable like walking on the clouds.

Italian Knitting Machine

The fully-automated seamless fabrication and high-density knitting machine from Italy make MP Classic Socks unbelievably smooth and soft. 




MP Magic Socks has passed standards in the fields of deodorization, antibacterial and comfort level.

After repeated microbiological tests, the results show an antibacterial rate of over 97% after 50 cycles of washing . You can stay comforted that the antibacterial properties will last even through many cycles of washing.


Why Magic?


Three-Metal Infused

The key to the effectiveness of MP Magic Socks is their unique composition. These fabrics are infused with three metals: Silver, Copper, and Zinc. Multiple metals kill more types of bacteria, making these socks highly antibacterial. This metal infusion technique was developed for the aerospace industry, and we have repurposed it for everyday use.

Antibacterial & Odorless

When dealing with odor control, we are superbly proud of our fabrics and technology. We are the world's best! Silver is known as a great antibacterial metal, while copper can kill bacteria and is a key component of many enzymes, and zinc can reduce the bacteria that contribute to the odor! We use this special technique to infuse all the three metals within the fabrics so that they will never wash away.


Media Reviews



"They were extremely comfortable and, available in black, blue or grey, suitable for the office as much as the hiking trail. I'm a convert. Essential for sweaty summer city sightseeing".


"If you are looking for highly comfortable socks in your day, you need to try our MP Magic Socks".


These socks are "good for a week of stink free travel. Most definitely a TravGear must-have".

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Customer's Reviews


Tammy H

"Crazy as it sounds, I also did the β€œsmell test”. I wore my socks every day, for a week. I jogged and walked almost 24 miles. Not even a HINT of odor! Seriously shocked and super happy!!
These socks are the real deal. ✌".

Barry B

"I'm reordering these fantastic socks as they are rugged, don't go out of shape from washing, hold onto the foot and leg and don't rotate easily, and do a great job of eliminating odor".


"These socks are wonderful. Easy to care for and comfortable".

Chris A

"I’ve gotten plenty of the ankle socks for everyday & gym use and love them".

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MP Classic Crew Antibacterial Socks (6 pairs)


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