MP Hiking Socks

Mix Of Smart Designs

The smart design of mesh ventilation allows your feet to breathe. Meanwhile, MP Hiking Socks regulate the temperature of your feet while hiking. So enjoy the pleasure of sweating, and let MP hiking socks take care of the rest.

Extra Space, Extra Comfort

There’s no binding around the toe and heel areas, in which we also add light cushions, giving you additional comfort and ample support all day with MP Hiking Socks on.

Every Step, Anti-Slip

Ever feel annoyed when your socks keep falling off your feet and you have to hike them up over and over again? Not with MP Hiking Socks. Now every step you take is in your control without slipping socks getting in your way.

Mix of Smart Designs

A bit higher than usual crew socks, so your lower legs get covered and cared. Just the right compression, so your legs won’t swell after a long walk. Fatigue reduced, blood circulation maintained. That’s what MP Hiking Socks are capable of. 

Comfort Never Known Before

The fully-automated seamless fabrication and high-density knitting machine from Italy provide you a level of comfort never known before, making MP Hiking Socks a treat for your feet.

Strategic Cushioning Protection

We add hiking-specialized light cushion in MP Hiking Socks to reach a perfect balance between protection and breathability. Now secure your adventure and ignite your passion.