Are Sweaty Feet Ruining Your Big Day?

These days there is a lot of talk about stress sweat. It's the body's natural response to being under stress. It can strike when you least need it, giving you stinky feet, under arms, and wetness where you don't want it.

John didn't sleep well last night. He tossed and turned worrying about the presentation he had to give the next day to the senior managers of the company.

He arrived at work with a bundle of nerves. Even though it was a pleasant day and the building was air conditioned, John was breaking out in a cold sweat, especially on his feet.

This same situation occurs millions of times for John. Later that night, John was out with the girl he loves, hoping for a meaningful evening, but sweaty feet and possible foot odor get in the way. John couldn’t help thinking:Every time he feels stressed, he’s sweating like crazy. Is there no way to fight against his sweaty feet?

How to solve foot odor once and for all

Stress sweat is the scientific term for anxiety perspiration. It's when the body reacts to an emotional situation by releasing sweat from the apocrine glands. These glands produce a milkier sweat full of fatty acids and proteins. It's rich stuff. And it doesn't smell good. After a while the person gets a serious case of B.O. body odor.

Stress sweat is a big problem all over the world, but particularly dreaded in many Asian cultures. You go over to your friend's house a bit nervous about the important evening that's about to take place. You remove your shoes and shudder in embarrassment at the foot odor.

MP Magic Socks to the Rescue

We designed MP Magic Socks to powerfully combat foot odor. They are scientifically optimized to eliminate the effects of stress sweat.

Studies show it's not the sweat that causes the unpleasant odor, but the bacteria that quickly results. MP Magic Socks are anti-bacterial to prevent the growth of bacteria. Even when difficult stress sweat strikes, bacteria can't get going when you're wearing MP Magic Socks.

These socks are moisture-wicking and very breathable so you get needed air circulation to keep feet dry and comfortable, even in stressful situations. They are odorless, smell fresh and pleasant even after a long day and eventful evening.

You can take your shoes off in confidence knowing your feet won't ruin the day.

These socks are also highly durable and long lasting. They're made with three metal infused fabric with stiffness reduction. Flexible, soft, and always comfortable. MP Magic socks are the finest you can wear, especially when you are under pressure and wanting to perform your best.


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