Why Choose 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks

For decades people who know socks have said wool is your best bet. Natural wool is cool in summer, warm in winter, always comfortable, and surprisingly durable. No man-made material can come close.

When artificial fabrics make your feet uncomfortable and stinky; you will be cool, calm, and dry in wool socks.


MP Merino Wool Socks Contain An Impressive Amount Of Merino Wool While Other Socks Have Less. 

This is why MP Merino Wool Socks give you greater warmth on those chilly days when your toes need it most. You get a comfortable experience from walking to running to standing long hours at work.

Why can't we offer a 100% wool sock?

Pure wool has challenges with durability. Our researchers have found up to 80% wool mixed with other comfortable fabrics is ideal for comfort and excellent durability - the best you will find anywhere in the world in wool socks.


World's Finest Merino Wool

You've probably noticed finer socks are often made largely of Merino Wool. It's the big favorite with customers everywhere. Everyone knows they can depend on Merino wool for exceptional comfort and long lasting performance.

Where does this top-notch wool come from? It's an especially high grade wool only produced by the Merino sheep of Australia.  

Resists allergies or discomfort

Wool connoisseurs have long considered it the most comfortable. You don't get the itchy quality of lesser wool. Merino is soft, comforting, and great at maintaining a perfect temperature for feet and other extremities.

Absorbing odors

It's very good at absorbing odors caused by bacteria trapped in your footwear. It's great for preventing smelly feet that can be embarrassing when you remove your shoes. Wear your shoes all day and night without problems when you're wearing fine Merino wool socks.


Unique 37.5 Technology

Our socks use the latest 37.5 technology. It's been proven effective by a respected authority agency. It excels at keeping your feet and ankles at the perfect 37.5 Celsius temperature. That's 99.5 Fahrenheit.

Coincidentally, this smart technology also keeps your feet at the perfect 37.5% humidity. It keys off the humidity level surrounding your feet. Then helps adjust to the precise conditions for dry, warm comfort.

You simply can't get more comfort or more impressive performance from any other sock. MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks give you a whole new experience hour after hour, day after day. 


Natural Elements Make Sock Magic

What's so magical about our socks? We use natural elements in the weave to give you even more impressive control over heat, cold, and humidity.

Anti-odor & Antibacterial

MP Magic Socks use MP Special Yarn containing silver, copper, and zinc infusion. This creates a new antibacterial fabric that keeps feet dry and odorless all day and night.


These are essential natural elements that are good for feet and health. Don't worry, the elements won't wash out. Repeated tests show the antibacterial rate at over 97% even after 50 machine washings. You will get excellent results all year.

Many other wool socks can only be hand cleaned. That can be inconvenient. We use Naturetexx Plasma Technology to make our Merino Wool Socks fully machine washable in cold water. They won't shrink and come out clean and pristine.


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